Friday, December 24, 2010


Another Christmas I can't believe it. Where did this year go I mean it seriously flew by. What a great year it has been too. So much going on. So much change and progress. We have been so blessed as a family. I'm so grateful for our loving families that have supported our decisions and continue to love and support us. For amazing friends, old and new.. I miss my friends I never see anymore, and I'm grateful for new friends I have made here. What a blessing to have friends all over the world huh? We have been very busy this christmas season, I finally feel like I have a minuet to breathe and blog for a second.
So just a quick update here. We hosted Thanksgiving here this year. It was great fun. Dr.Vans family came into town. That was so nice to have everyone here and introduce them to Asheville. We had a blast with them. So much food, shopping, hiking, ping pong, and just visiting the heck out of each other. Then we hosted 2 parties here. One for the Young Women at church, and another for work. We had so much fun!! Yummy food thanks to "12 bones" and fun games and prizes thanks to Dr.Van. We had a ping pong tournament, connect four tournament and, a plasma car race down in the basement! A special musical number by one of our sweet employees that was awesome! and a few more fun numbers by the entire staff! We partied till almost midnight! These southern folks sure know how to have fun! I'm so thankful to have such wonderful people to work and associate with ( I use the term "work" loosely, because i don't actually work with them as much as I have lunch with them) I guess I'm thankful to have a great bunch to work with Dr.Van. They sure make his life easier, which in turn, makes mine easier, so thankyou. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Tomorrow and I'm sure I'll blog again soon! Love to all!


Sarah said...

ahhhh . . . missing your guts like crazy. no really. I would give anything to just come over and hang like the good ole times- my kids and hubs would too no doubt about it. skyping this week for sure.

Hope you had a fabulous christmas. love all your jammies. The pajama elf visited us also- except he didn't bring the big fat prego one that is going to explode soon any cute pj's and booties like you have- love them. maybe next year.

tell the fam hello from each of us.


Jake & Rachel said...

ya'll are so cute in your Christmas pjs! Sounds like you had a fantastic December...the food, parties and family is what it's all about!

Sherece said...

Are you ever gonna update this thing??? I really want you to!