Friday, December 24, 2010


Another Christmas I can't believe it. Where did this year go I mean it seriously flew by. What a great year it has been too. So much going on. So much change and progress. We have been so blessed as a family. I'm so grateful for our loving families that have supported our decisions and continue to love and support us. For amazing friends, old and new.. I miss my friends I never see anymore, and I'm grateful for new friends I have made here. What a blessing to have friends all over the world huh? We have been very busy this christmas season, I finally feel like I have a minuet to breathe and blog for a second.
So just a quick update here. We hosted Thanksgiving here this year. It was great fun. Dr.Vans family came into town. That was so nice to have everyone here and introduce them to Asheville. We had a blast with them. So much food, shopping, hiking, ping pong, and just visiting the heck out of each other. Then we hosted 2 parties here. One for the Young Women at church, and another for work. We had so much fun!! Yummy food thanks to "12 bones" and fun games and prizes thanks to Dr.Van. We had a ping pong tournament, connect four tournament and, a plasma car race down in the basement! A special musical number by one of our sweet employees that was awesome! and a few more fun numbers by the entire staff! We partied till almost midnight! These southern folks sure know how to have fun! I'm so thankful to have such wonderful people to work and associate with ( I use the term "work" loosely, because i don't actually work with them as much as I have lunch with them) I guess I'm thankful to have a great bunch to work with Dr.Van. They sure make his life easier, which in turn, makes mine easier, so thankyou. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Tomorrow and I'm sure I'll blog again soon! Love to all!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

birthday girls....

Coco turned 9. Holy moly. This sweet girl is just that, sweet. She is pretty and funny and smart. She is a good helper and is most always happy. Am I a lucky mom? Yes. I think so. I love you Chloe Darlene.
This Annie Girl turned 5 I can hardly believe she is so big. She is so busy and social. She loves going to pre-school and playing with her "best friends"...though she can never remember their names. She is spunky and full of life and we are so glad she is ours.
I love you Annie Grace.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Carolina Girl

Hey started another Blog! (roll your eyes now..go on get it all out) Just my own personal adventures in NC. To update as often as I like without feeling like a total blogaholic. It's a guilt free enviroment for me..Click on it if you want...or not. Just girl talk and maybe recipes..I'm pretending it's my own personal column in a just humor me.

November 4, 2010

So Like a good friend I feel like I can just pick up where I left off and pretend that I haven't skipped a beat in my blogging efforts, and like a good friend all is forgiven. I used to document everything. And I quite enjoyed it, it was a creative outlet and cheaper then therapy. But then I had baby #4. And just like my post baby body, things have never really been the same. Now that's ok, I love Baby #4. He's fantastic and makes me giggle inside when I think about him. The point is I am making an effort now to get back to the things that I once found so much enjoyment in. My new glasses are not one of them. I am really trying to get used to them but it's darn near impossible and I find myself nodding my head up and down looking thur my glasses, not thru my glasses, thru my glasses, not thru my glasses, better, worse, better, worse..etc.. Quite a distraction. Anyhow. I will try to focus on my thoughts( which apparently are all over the place) as I listen to the two small girl voices discussing my big belly when I was preggo with #4 at the table behind me. Yes, easily distracted. I have a headache, but the blogging must go on...

So yes, we still reside in North carolina. North. Not South. Big Difference in the amount of Confederate flags that are flapping in the wind. We still like it too. Our kids miss their friends and so do Dr. Van and I, (that's what I'm calling Bart from now on just trying it out, not trying to sound pompous I'll probably forget and call him Bart Later, just overlook that if that happens) but our quality of life has improved and that's the look we were going for.

Work is busy. The people in the small town of Brevard are great. They have welcomed Dr. Van with open arms and thick accents, canned goods and tales of white squirrels (that are only in Brevard and you cannot kill them they are off limits, but you can kill and grill any black, gray, or brown squirrel. I find this racists and offensive but whatever:)

Dr.Van misses his sand dunes like I miss Nordstoms... But like the song "If you can't love the one you want, love the one you're with", we are embracing new loves, or I guess hobbies is more appropriate,( we still like each other) Dr. Van is constanly surfing the net for a "project car" and is currently building a tree house in the back yard with the kids, while I have discovered the world of Antiquing and Specialty Shopes..Which are many. I am certain I could fill up this big house we are renting in no time at all and then start my own business. Which I just might do someday...Don't tempt me.

I am enjoying the weather immensley. Did you know that there are 4 seasons? Not just hot and hotter. AND..there is a whole big world of color out there? It's amazing I feel like I'm tasting Chocolate for the first time and want to share it with everyone..Ok, lets be honest I don't like sharing my candy and often have private stashes around the house, one of which Annie found today,darn her. But the point is, It's beautiful here. Every 3-4 months the landscape changes. When we arrived and got buckets of snow it was awesome, and then I couldn't wait for spring which was forgive me, awesomer? The blossoms were crazy!! And everything greened up like I swear overnight! Then lovely. None of this crazy 100degree plus weather. Get this...the kids actually played outside...No joke. And the best part? I could force them outside and they couldn't use that tired old excuse of "it's too hot outside"...

We are in full blown Autumn right now. The leaves have changed everywhere you turn there is gold, red, yellow,maroon, purple..and Flurries of leaves as you drive down the highway threatening to come right thru your windshield! It's incredible. Dr. Van asked me several months ago.."So is all this green just white noise to you yet"..My answer to you Dr. Van. No way Jose. I love it, it's beautiful and it's free to look at. I anticipate each season and look forward to all it brings. I drive slower then I used to, mainly because the roads are curvy and it's dangerous to drive fast, but still, it forces you to look around (carefully, you don't want to end up in oncoming traffic) and just enjoy all that had been given to us. So Winter, your up next...Bring it.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oliver. 18 months

I could stare at this little face all day. I love everything about him.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yes I am well aware that I have been a not so great blogger for the past...well, lets just say it's been awhile. It's not like I haven't had anything to document. Quite honestly, this past year has been most eventful. The truth is, my heart just hasn't been into it. But I think I am ready to get back into the groove of the ever popular past time of "Blogging". Afterall, it's family history right? No need to feel guilty. Someday, I will thank me.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Be-lated Birthday!

I have been so terrible about blogging our family history lately. I even missed Oliver's First birthday blog!! SO this post is dedicated to our sweet little Oliver.

Oliver we are so happy that you belong to us. You are so loved in our family. You are pretty much a perfect baby. you are always happy and smiling and just all around a good boy. you make your mommy so happy. I love that when I get you out of bed, you are always glad to see me, or when I get home from being gone you act so excited, like you've never seen me before. I love how I can't move around the kitchen easily because you are hugging my legs and threatening to pull down my pants. I love watching you toddle around the house, your such a big boy all of the sudden and are into so much! You love being outside and get so giddy when you get to go out, you love splashing in the toilet too, and climbing up on everything. I love your wild curly Napoleon Dynamite hair..and I love our play time and make out sessions even though you'd rather be off unrolling a roll of toilet paper somewhere...The very thought of you makes me smile and I miss you when I'm away from you...I am so glad you are my little boy, I will love you mommy
Still in mommy's tummy.....
Our Halloween Froggy...
Dazed and Confused...
Already raising his hand preparing for school!
Little Monkey feet..
Birthday Swing..yes, this is hung in our living room...
Oh he loves birthday cake!
Mmmmmmm....Such a sweet mess..
So Happy to be turning one!
Some big boy toys!